Hello my name is Wyatt and I have epilepsy.

I don’t just have epilepsy, I suffer from it! My mom and dad have sought out and found one of the best Epilepsy Specialist in Texas, Dr. Dave Clark at Dell Children’s Medical Center in Austin. Despite the excellent care I have received I still suffer from seizures daily!

My first seizure of record occurred on Mother’s Day 5/9/10.  I have been on over 15 medications, had a corpus colostomy (split brain surgery) and Vagus Nerve Stimulator (VNS).  I have had a two-part brain surgery: one part was where a finite grid was laid on the brain to pin point the seizures, the second part was a hemispherectomy that removed two small portions of the brain. I have also already had to replace my VNS because I wore out the first one in only 18 months! I additionally have a shunt on my brain. My doctors have also placed me on the “Ketogenic Diet,” a specialized diet that is another treatment for people with seizures. Even though I have gone through all of these surgeries and medications and diet, I still have daily seizures!

My parents have heard there may be a chance that CBD oil might be an option to treat my epilepsy. From what we have heard about and read, it has worked wonders and helped children and adults like me that suffer from seizures that medication and surgeries and diets don’t help. Please consider helping other Texans like myself and approve the use of CBD oil for seizure treatment.

Thank you for your consideration.  GOD Bless You and GOD Bless Texas!

Stay Informed.

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