Conrad was born July 24, 2002. On Jan 3, 2004, Conrad fell into a swimming pool for an “unknown” length of time while in the care of his grandfather, He was in respiratory arrest when EMS arrived and coded 3 times at the hospital. He survived but his the accident result in severe brain damage (Anoxic Brain Injury).

He transferred to Santa Rosa hospital in San Antonio, Texas at the end of January 2004 for inpatient rehabilitation and remained there until early April 2004. At discharge, Conrad was severely disabled with a pessimistic prognosis. We were encouraged to institutionalize him.

Conrad’s therapy has been and continues to be comprehensive.

Conrad is steadily progressing and has improved beyond all doctors’ expectations.

Conrad is in seventh grade and attends school daily.

He is alert and recognizes familiar voices. He cries, smiles, laughs and communicates using a variety of sounds.  He follows simple commands in both English and Spanish.

I am focused on helping Conrad and all children who survived a drowning accident reach their maximum potential – no limits! I constantly search for people who can provide a fresh perspective and ideas, holding to our mantra: “potential to help without harming”.

Conrad’s progress is being limited by frequent seizures that often bring intense muscle spasms. Seizure activity occurs throughout the day and is characterized by small jumping movements. He also has seizures lasting 1-2 minutes that leave him exhausted. Some seizures that include muscle spasms occur 10 -15 times per day, each lasting 3-5 minutes.  His body contorts and stiffens and he turns his head/neck forcefully to the right.

I have trialed over 10 pharmaceutical drugs that have not helped and some have even hurt. My only other options are to experiment with more drugs or try invasive or irreversible surgeries.

I am asking you to support legalizing use cannabidiol (CBD) rich oil to use as a therapeutic treatment for Conrad’s epilepsy.  Please help me, help Conrad and all the other children who will benefit.

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