What The DOJ’s Rescission Of The Cole Memo Means For Medical Cannabis...

What The DOJ’s Rescission Of The Cole Memo Means For Medical Cannabis In Texas

A Statement From Compassionate Cultivation CEO Morris Denton on the DOJ’s Rescission of the Cole Memo


As you’ve likely read, the Department of Justice rescinded the Cole Memo today. News of this move broke early Thursday morning and has concerned many of our friends and colleagues in Texas’ nascent legal cannabis community, most notably the patients who are looking to secure the CBD-rich medicine we’ll soon be selling to treat intractable epilepsy when conventional drugs have failed.

We know that many of you have questions, so we at Compassionate Cultivation wanted to take some time to share some of our thoughts with you. But so you know exactly what is at stake, here’s a little about the Cole Memo and today’s news.

The Cole Memo was written in 2013 as a response to the first states that passed laws allowing recreational marijuana; separate legislation, known as the Rohrabacher-Blumenauer amendment, prevents the DOJ from spending any funds to prevent Texas (or any other state) from implementing laws allowing the use, distribution, possession, or cultivation of medical marijuana. This amendment is in place on the federal spending bill, most recently extended to Jan. 19.

With a rescinded Cole Memo, that could mean potentially more aggressive federal prosecution in regard to enforcement of federal marijuana law. However, according to The Associated Press, DOJ officials couldn’t say what the ultimate impact will be on the cannabis industry or whether it will lead to more prosecutions, particularly regarding medical marijuana laws.

At Compassionate Cultivation, we remain dedicated to operating a tightly regulated business under the Texas Compassionate Use Act (Senate Bill 339), a law that was passed by the Texas legislature and rules that were adopted by the Department of Public Safety. The law is clear in allowing patients access to low-THC cannabis medicine.

It’s uncertain what’s in store for states that have passed broad medical cannabis legalization laws or laws allowing recreational marijuana. What actions will be taken next on the federal level are still to be determined. From our perspective in Texas, the DOJ’s action is likely to be focused on states with more liberal legalization laws.

We’re not Colorado, and we’re not California. We’re Texas. We’re conservative, and we’re set on doing this right.

And finally, we remain committed to our mission of growing, processing and dispensing the purest, highest-quality CBD medicine to help reduce the suffering for those with intractable epilepsy in the Lone Star State.

Thank you, friends and colleagues, physician partners and future patients, for placing your trust in us. We don’t take this responsibility lightly. As always, please reach out with any questions—at @CBDTexas on Facebook and Twitter.



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